Helena Blackwood is a Scottish photographer and retoucher based in Perthshire. Her passion is for fine art photography which aims to create a visual dialogue between the photographer and the viewer. Each new project is an opportunity in to adapt the (visual) language to the story she’s telling, with the camera becoming more than a simply a machine for documenting the subject before the lens. She believes in coherence within a series but also in the ability to change and contradict, focussing on the magical grey area between chance and intention.

Her projects are diverse but the work most personally revealing can be found in both her ‘Liminal’ and  ‘Tyranny of the Blank Page’ projects.

Helena’s experience as a Creative Retoucher and digital artist allows her to develop projects that require exceptional digital processing skills with a high level of creative production. She is able to produce realistic retouching but also specialises in projects with a creative look, photo manipulations and complex compositions.

2018 – BA in Professional Photography, Edinburgh College

2018 – BIPP Merit Award in Advertising Photography

2017 – HND in Professional Photography, Edinburgh College

2017 – BIPP Merit Award in Advertising Photography

2012 – LRPS Royal Photographic Society