The Tyranny of The Blank Page

The blank page.  So full of potential, yet perhaps one of the most brutal, tyrannical things in existence, exercising an oppressive power over the person trying to tame it. This series explores how developing a concept can overcome a blank sheets’ endless stare, the stare that mocks, goads, and challenges

The images form a soft mutable narrative, using metaphor, they explore the birth of an idea, from its indistinct form to tangible expression. It’s a quiet series, one which demands contemplation as opposed to an impartial glance.

Image 1 – Taunt. The blank paper , defiant, its steady gaze waiting to make a mockery of a prosaic mind. 

Image 2 – Embryotic. Imagination enters into the realm of escapism and fantasy where visual clues swirl around, sometimes coiling into complete stories, sometimes remaining elusive. 

Image 3 – Metamorphosis. Intangible thoughts are beginning to take shape, however they remain indistinct, lacking in detail, not quite fully formed.

Image 4 – Transmutation. The once intangible is morphing into something definite, it’s now needs to be considered from all angles.

Image 5 – Alchemy. The final forms is beginning to settle on the page,  ink forming a tangible expression, the tyranny of the blank page overthrown.

Image 6 – Elixir. Now the ink has dried, the concept has settled into a clear form.

“A form is an abstract property or quality. Take any property of an object; separate it from that object and consider it by itself, and you are contemplating a form” – Plato