Helena offers two types of workshop: an ‘In the Field’, and a ‘Capture to Print’ workshop. Come and join Helena for a unique creative experience, make the sort of pictures that you have never made before, and improve your technical skills and creative vision! Enjoy a friendly and informal learning environment, with space and time for you to share ideas, develop camera technique, and make some new pictures! 

However, if you’re looking for something a little more in-depth than a single workshop? How about the ‘Developing your Visual Language’ Course. Designed to go through all aspects of image creation from initial idea to finished print, this course provides you with one to one mentoring throughout this exciting photographic journey.

Developing your Visual language – Weekly Course

The course begins by reflecting on the power of telling stories through photography, Helena will break down the process for developing imaginative and creative concepts. She’ll then guide you in developing your own concepts and turning them into compelling images. Beginning with the core principles of photography as a visual language, you’ll work alongside Helena to develop a brief for your work. You’ll then have the opportunity to learn about any technical aspects required in making your images before learning any relevant post processing techniques. Finally you’ll have the opportunity for a one-to-one critiques as you edit and process your final images.

This course is tailored to suit your availability and is completely flexible. Prices start at £25 per hour and the course adapted to suit your own pace.

‘In the Field’ Workshop

This workshop is not about landscape, portraiture, or any specific genre, it’s about you and your photography. Inspiration to think and work differently. Inspiration to make new and unique images. Prior to the day, Helena will contact you (usually via email) to establish what your goals are and design a programme tailored for you. Usually your day will start with a photoshoot, after which there will be a short break to talk through any relevant technical points and to review the shots taken so far. The rest of the day will be spent in the field, covering those aspects of photography relevant to you. Locations can be decided either by discussion with Helena, or you can leave it entirely up to her. 


Half Day Tuition – Three hours

for one person – £ 90

for two people – £ 120

Full Day Tuition – Six Hours (meals/snacks are not provided)

for one person – £ 150

for two people – £ 180

‘Capture to Print’ Workshop

With digital photography, the image-making process does not usually finish when you press the shutter; good post-processing skills are vital for making the most of your images. Prior to your first session, Helena will contact you (usually via email) to establish what your goals are and design a programme relevant to your needs. You will  then be invited to bring along a number of ‘Raw’ images ready for editing using Adobe Lightroom, Capture 1 and/or Adobe Photoshop.  During the session Helena will guide you through the Lightroom/Capture 1/Photoshop interface, including the concept of layers, the usefulness of masks and selections; the technicalities of preparing a photograph for print or the web and how to subtly adjust exposure or colour as well as creating unusual effects. 

Tuition times can be tailored to suit your availability and can take place either in the comfort of your own home* or at Helena’s studio. Prices start at £30 per hour with a minimum of two hours at any one time. *Conditions Apply

For more information contact helena@helenablackwoodphotography.com